Sunday, January 20, 2013

Hokkaido Chiffon Cake

I learnt to make this from Tomoko again from Caramel Factory. Since she's a Japanese, she said in Japan, the chiffon is normally coated with a layer of fresh cream. In Malaysia, she realized that some bakeries are actually selling Hokkaido chiffon cake in a small tiny cup, topped with some cream custard filling. This inspire her to start a class on a Japanese Chiffon Cake.
Again I've selected the right class to attend. I made 2 portion of the chiffon because I'm a chiffon cake lover. I love the soft, light, fluffy and  moist texture of the cake. It is so soft and fluffy that I could actually 'tear' the cake easily and stuff into my mouth. So far, the only chiffon cake that I could 'tear' as I described, was made by my auntie in Batu Pahat and that was like years and years ago. It's really a great satisfaction that I could actually bake such a cake by myself and the cake turned out beautifully.
Major flavor in the chiffon cake was earl grey tea which we boil hot water and add in the tea leaves to let it simmer for a while before draining it. It makes me wonder whether I can substitute the earl grey tea with other fruit flavored tea or latte for an instance. Maybe I should just give it a try the next time. This is just an awesome cake to devour.



Mari said...

Hello, your chiffon cake looks so beautiful. Especially the texture. Great job.
I hope, my next chiffon will be like this one.
greetings from Germany,

BTW. thanks for the link to the site "caramel factory". It's a wonderful site.

Rachel n Chong said...

Dear Marichan, sorry for late reply because I was too caught up with my work and too lazy to do any further new write up for my blog. Tomoko does this for a living, hence it will be unappropriate for me to share her recipe in my blog. I hope you'll find a good recipe that bakes soft and fluffy chiffon soon.