Monday, January 16, 2012

Irresistable Pineapple Tart

I've been bogged down with work, busied myself with shopping for Christmas gifts, attending cycling activities and the next thing I knew, Chinese New Year is just round the corner. If I had more time on hand, I would like to bake my chocolate chip cookies but unfortunately, time was what I seriously lacked.  Due to time constraint, I've decided to settle with Pineapple tarts because I just couldn't resist them and once I start to pop one into my mouth, I can't seem to stop. Hubby was saying perhaps I should reconsider my decision because popping the tarts means gaining weight and gaining weight is the last thing I needed. I don't care. I love eating my own tarts and this is a once a year affair. I just gotta bake it for myself and also for a few people whom I've promised to give.

Some like the tart to be hard and crunchy but my recipe is such that it melts in the mouth.

The entire process took a little more of 4 hours inclusive of cleaning and putting everthing back to its original place. I've got another 1kg of  pineapple jam tucking in one far corner of my fridge but I shudder to think of the entire baking process. My back hurts and so's my shoulder. My legs were aching like hell. Umm... a massage wouldn't be a bad idea....