Sunday, June 30, 2013

Tofu, Jam & Tahini Salad Dressing

We went back to GK Organic Farm today for another tour and another delectable organic lunch. It was so yummy that I had a 2nd big helping of the salad and  sweet potatoes. The chef there shared his own creation of salad dressing during my last trip there and I wanna make it for mom to try it out. So here's the ingredients to make the dressing:
These are the ingredients. Too lazy to run up to get the camera so the hp's quality will do.
1 packet of soft tofu
Tahini (1 put in 1 big tbsp)
Lemon Juice (freshly squeeze or bottled)
Organic Pineapple jam (or any other organic jam)
A little olive oil.
A little water
The finished dressing : tofu + pineapple jam + roselle + honey + tahini + lemon juice

I threw in everything in my food processor except the olive oil in which I added in upon serving of the salad. The measurement were deliberately left out because you can whip up your own dressing according to your preference. For me, I like it sweeter with a hint of citrus. Therefore, I was generous with the amount of lemon juice as well as honey and pineapple jam. Since I bought roselle this morning, I added some of the roselle into the blending as well. Yup... it became my own salad creation  :D  It would be fab to add in some fruit slices but since I had none, I replaced it with roselle and jumbo raisins. Mom wasn't too ecstatic over the dressing. Dad has no comment while hubby prefer caesar and thousand island over my dressing. It seems like I was the only one enjoying this healthy bit of homemade dressing.
The roselle freshly picked this morning.
Dad whom is not a regular vegan person, just couldn't stand another meal without any rice or meat. Hence, mom used leftover rice to fried some really tasty yet simple fried rice for him.