Monday, December 24, 2012

Japanese Strawberry Shortcake & Xmas dinner

Japanese Strawberry Shortcake
I really like the way Tomoko conducted her class and therefore when I saw her Dec schedule include a dainty little Strawberry Shortcake, I signed up for the class immediately. It's limited to max 6 pax per class and each of us will get to take back an entire whole cake. Yes !!
The genoise or sponge as what we normally called it doesn't require ovalette. The sponge cake I used to do requires ovalette to make it soft (I supposed). Tomoko imparted her knowledge by explaining why we should do this and why we shouldn't do certain things with very logical and simple technical explanation. This is exactly what drawn me to her class otherwise any tom dick or harry can easily conduct a baking class by just following the recipe diligently.
A humongous slice of cake for myself :D
We first did the sponge cake which is best to be kept overnight before cutting into layers and decorating it with cream. It's not that a difficult cake to do but we have to be very sure of the texture of the batter for the sponge cake and also to what extend we should stop whipping and beating the cream.
My eyebags are getting worse and I look tired but here I am, posing proudly with my cake.
Hubby was surprise I brought back a nice looking dainty cake because the last time I baked a Blackforest Cake with chocolate topping was like ages ago.  The problem with cream layered cake is I need to use up the whipping cream preferably in 1 week after opening it. Moreover whipping cream doesn't come cheap.
Main course
Upon request from hubby for a so called "Christmas theme dinner", I rushed out to Jaya Grocers to get Nuenberger sausage and Cumberland Sausage. I whipped up a simple salad with just balsamic vinegar and olive oil and mixed it with sliced jackfruit, grapes, tomatoes and jumbo raisins. It was definitely healthy and yummy. I hope you guys have had a jolly Christmas Eve like I had. Merry Christmas to all and God blessed.

Salad with assortment of vege and fruits

Bought the Balsamic vinegar in Sydney.