Monday, March 21, 2011

Legend Water Chalet & Water Homes

We have been reminiscing our stay in Avillion up to this day.  I fell in love with the concept so much so that I pestered hubby to make a trip to Matta fair (last year) to buy another voucher for the water chalet. We were greeted by the people from Legend Water Chalet/Homes and we thought why not try them out since we've been to Avillion before. We got a great deal from them and finally last weekend, we found time to go there.

Why we like it :
  1. The bathtub is huge , spacious and in a triangular shape and I like this design rather than the long boring type.
  2.  As I'm staying in the water chalet, they don't come with a small mini pool attached to the room. However on the floor of my room, a small part of the flooring was transparent where you can actually view the sea beneath.
  3. There is this spatial open air standing shower as well.
  4. The sophisticated zen inspired decor provides a perfect environment for couples retreat.
  5. The tv is the modern slim type, facing  the bed but it could be hidden by pulling the wooden doors out from the side of the cabinet.
  6. The little balcony comes with 2 reclining chairs. I was able to do some reading there with the cool breeze billowing.
  7. There are many activities you can join in Legend such as bicycle riding, archery, KMX , ping pong, snake ladder (not the board games type) etc. However they don't come free. You gotta pay for the activities.
  8. The Sompoton spa located in the 2nd floor is a fantastic option if you are willing to splurge for a relaxing massage/spa in a very comfortable ambience.
  9. A few seafood restaurants are located just a stone's throw away from this hotel.

Why we don't like it :
  1. The pool is a tad too small for me. Finally there is a chance for me to swim laps after laps but I couldn't achieve that with the size of this pool.
  2. Those who book with water chalet are not allow to use the pool in the water homes which is way bigger and with better design.
  3. The breakfast is a bit of a disappointment. They didn't have many choice for one to choose and they didn't taste that spectacular either, at least not to me.

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