Monday, July 23, 2012

Creamy Mushroom Soup & Pork Patty

A juicy piece of patty with a slab of mayo and drizzle with some chili sauce. Awesome.
My blog it seems, has been reduced to quite a pathetic state with the frequency of postings getting few and far between. Blame it on my hectic time schedule and well,  facebook too. What prompted me to make another round of mushroom soup was the finding of 3 wild mushrooms sprouted out from my lawn. I just need to refresh my memory of how to make it by making a call to my sis in law in Singapore. It is typical to have garlic bread to go with mushroom soup but I figure I'll do something different this time : a meat patty. We had several meat projects done for some clients of ours and I remembered my then Application colleague had to come out with the actual meat patty with added flavors from our library collection. All it needed was a message to her via facebook and she obtained the meat patty recipe for me from our the chef.  Thanks Jez for the prompt reply and action on my request :)

The really creamy wild mushroom soup. Yummy....(fatty...)

I think the dinner attempt tonight was fated to be postponed since hubby called to say he ain't coming home for dinner. I went ahead with my dinner plans because for the next few nights, I will not be home early to cook. Less than halfway cooking the mushrooms, I had a major kitchen mishap. I accidentally cut my finger while taking out my food processor. Blood was oozing out and I was fumbling to take a picture of it while manning the mushrooms still simmering in the saucepan.

My homemade mini burger, sandwiched with a mini pork patty.

The so called 'kitchen mishap'.

 It took me slightly more than 2 hours to come our with the creamy mushroom soup and the meat patty plus the cleaning. Hubby came home to taste the soup and for him, it was creamy. He doesn't like it too creamy though but I like it otherwise. I'm not sure whether to consider the meat patty a success because it was obvious that I was over generous with the salt. Yes, you got it right. It was over salty. To make the best of it, I'll just have to top it with lots of veggies then. Other than the saltiness, it was awesome to bite into the burger which I smeared a generous amount of mayonaise and chili sauce. I just wish I have more people to eat it with me and to share the delight. Cousin Soo will get her share tomorrow and perhaps I'll scoup some out for my doctor too since I'll be seeing him tomorrow.

Not cheap. Deliberate got it for the purpose of making the soup.

The real stuffs and therefore, this soup is really costly.

Over estimated again that I had to keep a packet of the mushrooms

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Fried Chicken Wings in a jiffy

I was craving for fried chicken wings last Sunday and instead of satisfying my desire once and for all, I left the mamak restaurant fuming because I wasted my stomach on this highly fatty and oil foodstuff and yet it tasted...not to my liking. Guess what? Yes... on Monday, I drove to Tesco in Paradigm (yahoo.. finally there's a shopping centre near my office!), got myself the wings, went back home to marinate it and today, had them for dinner. Marination was simple : with soy sauce and red fermented beancurd. Hubby rode his bike like a wind to tapau back Singapore Fried Beehoon and Hokkein Mee to savour with the wings lest the wings go cold. Now.. this is what I call 'teamwork' :D p.s not often I get this teamwork though...

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Roast Pork (Siew Yok)

It's everyone's favorite, let's just admit it. While someone was still in the midst of his dreams, I got up at the wee hours to make a trip to the morning market before starting work. I'm glad the dinner turned out well because hubby just gave me his big 2 thumbs up. I'm not exactly sure how sincere he meant, but I sure felt a sense of triumph on his reaction. I already had in mind to whip up a dry wan tan mee noodles to go with it roast pork. The only thing missing was there were no wan tan to go along with it. I diligently followed the recipe given to me by my cousin. At one point I really thought I had burnt it because the charred smell filled my entire living room. As it turned out, it was the right kind of smell and I was truly glad that I followed my cousin's advise to really make the skin slight burnt and then to scrape off some of the burnt parts. The skin is crispy but on certain parts, it was chewy instead. It's really strange that when I crave for something so badly and when I finally made it myself, the marginal utility has diminish even before I started devouring the meat.

 Knowing perfectly well that there are only 2 mouths to feed ,  I bought and roasted 1.2kg of the meat. It will look nicer to roast a bigger square chunk  rather than just a thin flimsy strip meant for 2-3 pax. However, I am now stuck with the stunt fact that it will take us days to finish it. Anyone wants?? Cousin Soo?? For recipe, please click here