Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Apple Strudel Buns

My lovely Apple Strudel Bun.
I know... I.. know... it's appalling to note that my last post was in April but that doesn't mean I haven't been baking or whipping up some nice dishes for my lunch or dinner. Some new recipes were tried out but didn't get to post it while most of the time, I will repeat the recipes which I've already posted here.
Look!! Dough has doubled its size ! Yippie

Tuna filling buns for hubby

Last Sat, I finally went back to Tomoko for another baking lessons and this time, I've selected a bread class. Again, I was happy with the outcome of what I made there and of course, cum the things that I've learnt from her. Her Apple Strudel Buns tasted so good that I had to bake it soon and it was so super soon that it was yesterday I found myself baking it.  Came home straight from work and started working on the bread making. I doubled the recipe and all in all, it took 3 hours to complete (plus the washing, cleaning, proofing of dough, making a simple dinner for myself etc).Since I doubled the recipe, I decided to use half of it for my tuna corn mayo filling because hubby only likes savory food.
Rolled it out and arranged the the apples, raisin, butter and sugar.

I used my cinnamon sparingly because I didn't want to overdo with it, didn't over mix the butter with brown sugar because I want the heat to caramelize the sugar ,  arranged the finished dough in a round tin for the apple strudel filling and after the egg wash, sprinkled them with some chopped walnuts instead of almond flakes. Bread came out beautifully and oh..oohh.. it tasted so soooo heavenly! It was so soft, precisely the way I like it.
These are filled with tuna mayo corn

Just before egg wash
As for the tuna mayo filling, it was great as well. The only setback was, it could do with more of tuna filling and more of mayonnaise.
See the texture of the bread when I tear it off?:D

A tad too dark because I was busy frying my vege and forgot to check the heat
The bread remained soft until I ate it for tea break just now. I simply love this bread, thus didn't share much with my colleague but for those who got to eat it, they said it's one of the best so far.
I would love to share this recipe in this blog of mine like the other recipes. However, I cannot share recipes that I paid for here because these people are making a living with the classes. It wouldn't be right to share them here for free. However, if you are ever interested in one of Tomoko's class, please click here. Her cute dainty little baking outlet is called Caramel Factory. (Btw, I don't have a share in this place and I don't earn a cent, ok!)
I am gonna bake this again next week. Just you wait and see! :)