Saturday, May 7, 2011

Green Tea Swiss Roll II

After the success of my 1st attempt on swiss roll, I have been waiting for a perfect time to try it out a 2nd time. Opportunity came when my parents were down here in KL with me. I told my mom about me making swiss roll and I could see signs of disbelief showing on her face. That was the time I knew I really had to bake one right under her nose. The cake turn out great. It was softer than the one I first baked (could be even softer). As usual, I spread a huge slab of cream on it. My mom was lamenting on the thick cream and that I've gone too far on this. Well, I love biting into the cake and have the cream oozing out from the side. This is something I cannot get it from any swiss roll that I've bought so far.

To get the recipe, please click here .

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