Saturday, September 1, 2012

Sushi from Scratch

It was my very 1st attempt on sushi making and prior to this, I had my Singapore colleague Jezamine, to scan over the recipes to me. Thanks Jez! I seriously think it doesn't worth all the trouble if I were to prepare sushi for just me and hubby to consume. Afterall, how much can we stuff the sushi loaded with high carb rice into our tummies and how many varieties can we have? Since mom and dad is here to stay with me, I thought it would be great to finally try my hands on sushi making. Let me just put it that japanese dinner can be pretty costly  for the 1st time because the ingredients and sauces do not come cheap. As long as I use up all of them before they expire, I guess money will be well spent then. The fillings I prepared today were cucumber, rish roe, sesame, carrot and pork floss. There were canned tuna and crab stick in the fridge but mom and I decided that the current ingredients should suffice.

I do not want another boring style of sushi with the seaweed on the outer layer. As such, I made with the rice on the outer so that I could coat the rice with the roasted black sesame. What I failed to achieve was rolling it into a square shape. Well, next time I'll try to do better than this.

I enjoy eating inari. We bought the empty tofu skin and made an assortment of filling : stuffed rice with fish roe & sesame  and stuffed rice with pork floss & sesame. Good combination? The sweetness of the tofu skin blends real well with the rice which has been mixed with japanese vinegar.

While shopping for the ingredients, hubby saw the raw fish which came with 8 of them in a box. He kept asking me 'this?, ok?" and I knew no matter how vehemently I object to it, he will still place this box of fishes into our shopping cart. He loves the fried fried fish filled with plenty of ..uh.. eggs. Mom coated the fish with our special crispy flour and fried it at high fire towards the end to achieve a tip top crispiness. They all claimed the bone could be swallowed but I ain't taking no chances. I don't even eat unagi, for Christ's sake!

So here are the ingredients I used for today sushi making. The roasted sesame dressing is my usual salad dressing besides mayonaise, ceasar and thousand island. The next sushi for dinner will be in Sept as well, I promise.

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