Saturday, September 7, 2013

Red Bean Buns

It was a nice breezy cooling Friday morning but my mood was anything but that. I worked through all morning, diligently clearing my emails and paperwork , my fingers working furiously on the keyboard. By almost lunch time, I felt that I could breathe a little and decided to get the bread machine to work for me instead.
Using the same recipe as Walnut Cocoa Raisins buns,  I omitted the cocoa powder and the walnuts & raisins. I made the dough as plain as possible so that I could have red bean filling in the centre later on. The machine knead the dough for 30 mins and thereafter, I removed it from the pan, knock the air out from the dough, divide into 16 - 18 pieces to be rolled into a ball. Of course, I added in my read bean in the centre of the bun.
By 1.15pm, it was done and I let it proof for another hour or so to let it double its size. By 3pm, the buns were freshly baked in the oven and we all had a little mini party in office. Afterall, it was a quiet day for us as there were only 5 of us in the office + 1 student intern. They happily gobbled my buns and all of them packed some back too. Well...if only I have more people at home, I wouldn't be giving away things I baked and made all the time.

What have I achieve at the end of Friday? Well, my spirits lifted up by noon, I successfully baked the buns while I was  working at my desk and all of us were eating happily and chatted over coffee (for a while only!!) during the tea break. As we savoured the deliciously soft hot buns, I can't help wondering when exactly is the company gonna VSS me so that I can grab the compensation and then......stay at home to bake and read (oh..and fb) :D


Zoe said...

Hi Rachel and Chong,

Your homemade red bean buns look very good. Nice to know you via blogging. Happy to be your latest follower to see more of your delicious baking :D


Rachel n Chong said...

Hello Zoe, I'm sorry for being absent for so long. I just posted another article and realize I've been missing several comments. Thank you for being my follower. I shall endeavour to be more active in my blog again (just like the olden days). Try baking the red bean bun. It's easy.. especially if you have a bread machine. But if you were to ask me, best bread doesn't come out from bread machine. You either gotta hand knead it or beat it with a mixer.