Sunday, April 13, 2014

Kimchi Stirfry chicken with cabbage

 Hey, I'm back, I know I've been neglecting my blog but life has been kinda hectic of late.

This was inspired after several trips to the Korean restaurant called Dubu Dubu located in Sunway Pyramid. The price was reasonable considering the ambience and location. I told myself I must try out this dish someday soon and that day finally came. The key ingredient is this Korean chili bean paste.

I didn't do any goggle research on this recipe prior to trying out because like I said, as long as I have the key ingredient, the taste is not gonna run far. I have however added a few 'concoction' of mine to make this recipe as close as possible to the one I ate in Dubu Dubu.

Here are the additional seasoning and ingredients that I've added :
Sesame oil 
Sweet soy sauce 
Dark soy sauce 
Dash of salt 
Chili Flakes 
Green capsicum 
Cabbage (a must have) 
Korean chili bean paste (a must have) 
Cherry tomatoes 
Garlic and big onions
Dice chicken (of course)
I made this for lunch today after my gym class and it's a pity that hubby wasn't around to savor it. The dish came out pretty well suited to my tastebud but of course it wasn't as spectacular as the one I ate in Dubu Dubu. Gonna make this again for dinner tomorrow. Errr...notice my lovely bento box? I deliberately asked cousin Soo to get it for me from Japan just for the sake of photo taking for my blog :D  Thanks couz for the bento! I love it.

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