Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A blog is born and so's a blogger

17 Jan 2010 I am finally starting my own blog, phew! It seems that the decision to start blogging took only a split second but it took an eternity for me to finally put everything into place. I was questioning myself for the purpose of putting my precious yet limited time into blogging. Being a working wife who has to juggle between busy work schedule and insurmountable housework plus not forgetting time spent on facebooking, msn chatting, watching youtube posted by friends (the list goes on and on), I wonder if blogging could be a real big mistake for me amidst my hectic life. But I guess, for me, the ultimate reasons for blogging is to share my thoughts , my favorite pastime and generally what goes on in my mundane life. My blog was further procrastinated because hubby and I were picking our minds on what’s the best and most suitable name for my blog (or rather our blog) and as you can guess, we never did reach a consensus. Finally..and finally… I decided simplicity is the best. Thus, 30-odd-something was born. Hurray… Happy Birthday. And this day happens to be my birthday as well. Nooo, wait a minute. This is all unplanned. Hubby whisked me off to an impromptu trip to Malacca, in a way to celebrate my birthday a little differently this year. I was beaming with delight at the thought of the delectable nyonya dishes and the abundance of freshly baked pineapple tarts. A walk in Jonker Street had me emptying some space in my purse whilst my hands could be seen clutching several cheap red plastic bags (yea..not very environmental friendly). The next morning, right after breakfast, my hands started to itch to get into facebook but to my utmost dismay, I was unable to connect to the hotel’s free wireless network. If you must know, I simply cannot survive a day or two without a computer and internet. (Damn! What's the point of having a laptop while there's no wifi?) This two must come in a package and cannot be separated. By the time I got home and managed to log into my facebook, boy, was I in for a pleasant surprise. My wall was flooded with numerous birthday wishes ranging from friends to cousins and relatives (not forgetting my bro). It may seem like a simple gesture of just putting a mere few words but to me, this is an effort. It is knowing that you have a friend celebrating his or her birthday and you took the trouble to write (no matter how few lines) and convey your best wishes to the birthday boy or girl. It also doesn’t matter the extend of the sincerity because at the end of the day, it’s the thought that counts. And right now, I am counting my blessings! Penned by Rachel

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