Friday, January 22, 2010

Have a break, life's short

Today we had a little unsurprise visit from an ex colleague. When the office bell rang, I half expected to see her rooting at the door. Well, I was right and I was wrong. I was actually gazing up at a pretty, bubbly and vivacious young woman whom I can hardly recognize. It is so good to see a dear friend who has been in convalesce for more than a year. I never doubted the fact that the past one year had been an arduous journey for her to pull herself together, to heal and subsequently be who she is today. We are either too engross in pursuit of wealth or are too weary with daily tasks that somehow, we forgot to embrace the essence of life. We brush away our own needs or the needs of our loved ones. We no longer take time do accomplish the things we want to do for ourselves because we always put other more 'important' things ahead of us. In short, we are taking life for granted. Sad to say, this realization usually hit us only after we have encountered an unfortunate incident. The incident or experience triggered a wake up call in us and we started to regret on many things in life : things we should've done or shouldn't have done. Time passes by silently yet swiftly and before you know it, fine lines are starting to creep at the corners of your eyes. Start doing something for yourself today. Take time to enjoy life's little treasures. Each and everyone of us need to have a little 'me' time, sometimes. I am adopting this approach today,.... and that's why, I chose to leave office at exactly 5.30pm today. For what? For a little 'me' time, of course :D Penned by Rachel

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