Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Mango Mousse Cake

I've been busy and I've been a wee bit lazy of late too.  It's shocking though to note that my blog somehow came to a complete standstill but I'll try to keep it up and going. Isn't blogging something I professed that I love doing?

Hubby's laptop finally gave way and we waited for about a fortnight before deciding to get a new one. Then I had to wait for him to program it and when he finally did, to my utmost dismay I found out the photoshop was not in it. Sigh.. so each time when I need to resize/edit my picture, I need to go upstairs to use my deskstop and the internet speed is killing me.

So much for the excuses for not blogging for weeks :)  I actually baked this cake months ago but never got around to post it.  I love the mousse, love the soft  mushy texture and love mangoes. The only drawback was.... there were no real mangoes in the mousse :D I used the mango purree bought from the baking shop and top it up with some strawberries and real mangoes . I must find time to do it again.

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