Thursday, July 5, 2012

Roast Pork (Siew Yok)

It's everyone's favorite, let's just admit it. While someone was still in the midst of his dreams, I got up at the wee hours to make a trip to the morning market before starting work. I'm glad the dinner turned out well because hubby just gave me his big 2 thumbs up. I'm not exactly sure how sincere he meant, but I sure felt a sense of triumph on his reaction. I already had in mind to whip up a dry wan tan mee noodles to go with it roast pork. The only thing missing was there were no wan tan to go along with it. I diligently followed the recipe given to me by my cousin. At one point I really thought I had burnt it because the charred smell filled my entire living room. As it turned out, it was the right kind of smell and I was truly glad that I followed my cousin's advise to really make the skin slight burnt and then to scrape off some of the burnt parts. The skin is crispy but on certain parts, it was chewy instead. It's really strange that when I crave for something so badly and when I finally made it myself, the marginal utility has diminish even before I started devouring the meat.

 Knowing perfectly well that there are only 2 mouths to feed ,  I bought and roasted 1.2kg of the meat. It will look nicer to roast a bigger square chunk  rather than just a thin flimsy strip meant for 2-3 pax. However, I am now stuck with the stunt fact that it will take us days to finish it. Anyone wants?? Cousin Soo?? For recipe, please click here

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