Thursday, April 15, 2010

How to deter cats in your territory

This is the last straw. The ultimatum came last night when the cat went one step further to shit on my porch, right in front of my front car tyre! The worst part is this is NOT my pet cat. In case none of you are aware, we have been bogged with the problem of cat's poops and cat's piss for a long long time. The cats, the culprits, belong to my neighbours (both left and right) as well as the uncountable stray cats loitering in the neighbourhood. Their favorite pooing place is none other than (1)our now shabby garden, thanks to the cats; (2)the cement slab near to my Balinese pond and (3)the shoe rack next to my main door to the house. Arrgh.. it is so frustrating to pick up someone else's pet's poops in your private vincinity and at the same time, have to endure the horrible stinking smell which lures humongous flies. No offence to the cat lovers here but try imagine you picking up your neighbour's cat's poops and smelling their piss almost everyweek and you'll then empthatize with my situation here.

Ok, so I'm popping out this question now. Does anyone know of any effective methods that could deter cat? So far, I've tried out the following economical methods:

1. pouring bleach on cement slab and wash it off
2. spray insecticide on previously peed and pooed area
3. spread some black pepper on affected areas
4. buy a few small pots of cactus with pricks and place them on the 'prone' areas

So, did any of the above method work? Answer : NO ! NO ! NOOOO !!!! Below are costly methods which according to my sources, are effective:

1. get the cat repellent "Silent Roar" (equally smelly)
2. setting up barb electrical fencing (and end up electrocuting myself)

I've read some really interesting articles on ways to exterminate cat without the neighbour suspecting it. Yes, I do fantasize on eradicating them. Bare hands strangling would be my best preferred method. But am I gonna be the next cat killer? Hell.. no way man!. I ain't no murderer. has 9 lives, remember?
Please post some comments here if you have any brilliant suggestion on cat detterent.

Penned by Rachel


Anonymous said...

Try sprinkle some lemon or lime skin. Good Luck

Rachel n Chong said...

My colleague told me that too. Now i must really try it out. Thanks

hanson said...

strange that the cats expose their "tracks", naturally they prefer to "buried". Anyway, we do have cats, and we keep them away from certain indoor plants with springle of English pepper, not the Chinese pepper powder. But, i think it hard for applying pepper outdoor. The fundametal is they hate strong smell. Or catch them and send them to the animal control.

Rachel n Chong said...

Thanks, hanson. We will try this when the lemon skin attempt fails.

Sakura said...

I once have the same problem with cats, and I use the lemon trick. I bought a bottle of wood polish which contain orange oil, and spray it out. After that the cats seems to avoid my garden, and move next door. :p

Rachel n Chong said...

Thanks Sakura. Someone's gonna give me a dog/cat repellent tomorrow and if this also doesn't work, I'll try out your method. You're lucky the cats move next door but for me, the cats belong to next door neighbour :(