Friday, April 9, 2010

How To Train Your Dragon & Clash of the Titans

Recently I had the chance to catch 2 movies which I had been very keen about when I first knew of their release date. I originally wanted to buy a 3D movie tix to the Disney movie “How to Train your Dragon” but I couldn’t accommodate to the screening time. So, I had to settle for the normal screening and I brought along my goddaughter to watch the animated show. I wasn’t in the least disappointed. The story is about a little boy, named Hiccup whose father is a Viking and also the head of a village. Hiccup is nothing like a Viking as he is clumsy and scrawny but when one day he had a chance to slay a trapped dragon, he just couldn’t bring himself to do it. He released the injured dragon which couldn’t fly due to a missing half tail. In the beginning, there was wariness and animosity coming from the dragon but gradually, both Hiccup and the dragon became buddies. And it is from here that Hiccup learnt the true nature of dragons and everything the Vikings knew about dragons were totally erroneous. If you like Disney animated shows, you’ll like this one. Not sure whether it’s still screening but go watch if you have the opportunity. I took a day off to watch Clash of the Titans all by myself the day after I watch the Dragon movie. Yea… kind of a marathon, I guess. Was munching my ever delicious crunchy caramel popcorn in the cool theater while waiting for the show to begin. Yes, I do know a wee bit about the 3 gods namely Zeus, Poseidon and Hades. There were many movies filmed on these 3 gods before (ie Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief) but what I like about the show is the visual effects and the actor, Sam Worthington (the Avatar dude, remember?). You definitely need to make a trip to the cinema for this show instead of settling it with a pirated dvd later on. Go , go go !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Penned by Rachel

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