Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Steamed Mix Vegetables

Lately my dinner seems to be steamed food besides the usual platter of fruits and fresh veggies. It's not entirely because I wanna fully utilize my i-chef steamer pot but rather it's because of the contraint time I have. Every week, I found myself wishing I have the time to cook certain interesting dishes that I suddenly thought of, saw somewhere or had recently eaten it somewhere. But the fact remains that I'm a working woman who starts work at 7+am and reaches home either before 6.30pm or after 8.30pm. My routine is as such that whatever dish I wanna cook has to be pre-planned, pre-prepared and preferably, simple and fast. This mix vegetables do not need much of planning and work done. So little time was needed for washing , cutting and cooking. Since steamed vegetables for me only has one singular boring taste (unless I add seasoning like oyster sauce and the likes), I sliced some ginger and threw in a pinch of mushroom powder. To satisfy my cravings for baked beans, I opened up a TST brand baked beans and cooked it over some fried garlic and tomato sauce. And so.. in the end, I found myself having 4 dishes and a rice on the dinner table. And all.. for just me and hubby to dig in.

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