Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Big Bad Wolf Sale (12 - 17 Nov 2010)

Yes, the Big Bad Wolf Sale is back and it's badder than ever! That was the slogan staring back at me when I flipped through The Star paper 2 days ago. I wasn't as enthusiastic this time round because I've recently bought some books and what's more, the recent trip to Seoul made me almost a pauper. It came as a surprise to me this morning when out of the blue, hubby suggested that we have the famous Ubin Fish Head Noodle in Seri Kembangan and then proceed to The Big Bad Wolf Sale in South City Plaza. In the years I've known him, he has not once suggested to visit a bookstore, let alone a booksale because he's just not into books like me. Seri Kembangan sounds remotely far to me but I went anyway. The Fish Head Beehoon really lives up to its name but I just love the soup. I wish the soup is available for sale, just the soup and not the fish.

It was my 1st trip to South City Plaza and upon entering the place, the first thought that came to me was The Summit in Subang Jaya is a much better and presentable place than this. Anyway, we headed straight to where the booksale was. True to what was published in the papers, the normal paperback novels cost RM8. In fact, most books there cost below RM15. There were throngs and throngs of people, mostly carrying a brown fibreboard carton filled with tons of books. I thought I don't need one but as it turned out, I needed one in less than 20 minutes. All sorts of books were available. People were grabbing them as if the books were free. Despite my niece's plea of NOT having another book as a Christmas present, I bought some for her anyway. I can't help it because the books were really cheap.

All in all, I bought 14 books and they cost me exactly RM100. Not one cent more and not one cent less. The pix above shows my latest acquisition :-) Just as the attendant was busy putting my books in the plastic bag, my eye caught on a tiny box set of The Olsen Twins Sleepover Party. I thought maybe little Latysha might like it.

If you love to read, make a trip there and don't miss this big sale.

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