Saturday, November 20, 2010

Mince Pork Porridge

Of all the dishes I've cooked at the spur of moment, this porridge is really the last of all the last-minute dishes. I was down with a terrible sore throat , was feverish (for the 1st time in my life) and my bones were aching. My throat was still very sore and I desperately need to eat something bland and light. Anything that is not fried and without chili for a change. At 1.40pm, hubby called to say he had a lunch appointment and therefore, we couldn't have lunch together. I was hungry and still unwell and immediately after I hung up the phone, I went to the kitchen to start cooking my porridge.

Here's what I did :
  1. Boil half a cup of rice (since it's only for my own consumption) with water
  2. While boiling, chop some carrot to small cubes, slice some ginger, then add into boiling rice.
  3. Chicken cube - add half in.
  4. When rice is about to become porridge, add in the marinated mince pork (marinated with sesame, soy sauce, pepper and salt)
  5. Stir in well and let it boil till your desired porridge texture
  6. Lastly, garnish with spring onions and parsley

Here's a pix of my porridge boiling and gurgling in the pot.
In 30 minutes time, the porridge was ready for consumption. Just in time before I faint from hunger :)

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