Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Garlic Pork Ham Slice Sandwich

Hubby and I both love munching healthy sandwiches from the notable O'Briens, Subway and some other nameless sandwich outlet which deliver equally satisfying taste. However, nothing beats preparing one yourself with your preferred type of bread and ingredients. During lunch hour, I popped over to Jaya Grocery to buy some medium cut slices of garlic pork ham , a loaf of healthy soya bread and a box of alfalfa. That was the dinner for last night and my lunch a while ago. I slab some mayo on the bread, top it up with the ham, followed by alfalfa, then many pieces of lettuce, top it up with slices of tomatoes and cucumber, more mayo and chili sauce, some alfalfa again and lastly another 2 slices of ham before I close it up with the bread. The outcome was a very 'tall' sandwhich which my mouth could hardly open up to its size. And when you bite into it, the dressing and chili sauce just oozes out. Superb. It tasted just marvellicious (marvellous + delicious) and I can't wait to do it again tonight but this time, it will be with the black pepper ham instead.

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