Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Apple Souffle Omelette

I was given a book on Desserts on my birthday by cousin Soo and finally, I got around to try this recipe from the book. Been browsing the book for days and finally I chose this recipe. I do not know how but somehow, I kept thinking the recipe needed bananas so I bought bananas instead. Imagine my tremendous shock when my eyes zoom on the word 'apple" and not bananas. Well, thank God I had some red apples in my fridge but I personally think green apples would be a better choice. I cut down on the cream and sugar and increased the apples instead. The result : overspilling of the apple filling. At one point, I was afraid the omellete will fail but in as it turned out, all's well that ends well.


Fern said...

Looks gorgeous! Nice touch! Posting the recipe soon? :)

Rachel n Chong said...

Thanks. It must be eaten hot though. If there's a request to post recipe, it definitely shall be posted :)