Thursday, June 10, 2010

Wild Mushroom Soup

When I first tasted the mushroom soup at Delicious, I told myself I'm gonna benchmark this mushroom soup from now on. Since then, I have been on the hunt for the next best mushroom soup which will cost me less than the one in Delicious. Coincidentally when I was in Singapore last Christmas, my sis in law whipped out the soup. It was then I silently promised myself that I'll cook it one day too. What held me back till today was it's just an starter and not a main meal. Just by thinking of all the hassel and trouble I'll go through to cook the mushroom soup and for 2 person only kinda put me off. Finally 2 days ago, I could no longer bear it. I was in Jaya Grocers , saw the fresh mushroom and just couldn't resist buying them and bought them I did. I gotta thank my sis in law for sharing the recipe with me which she got from allrecipes. Soup tasted good but lacking in woody note. I should've bought the gigantic mushroom which according to my sis in law, will give me a stronger woody taste. Additionally, I think butter and onion should be lessen to give priority to the mushroom aroma. I made sandwich again to go with the soup. Hubby loved the soup and had had second helping :D


Mylene said...

I would love chanterelle and champignon mushrooms for a soup. They're good as meat sauce, too. Your sandwich can definitely make a stomach full. Looks yummy!

Rachel n Chong said...

Thanks Mylene. I love biting into sandwich and freshly made mushroom soup. Perhaps next time I can try chanterelle instead.