Friday, April 1, 2011

Chinese Leek with Pork Belly

Dad likes to have meat in every meal and  I don't mean any meat will do. He specifically likes fat kampung chicken or pork belly with thick layers of fat. With just 4 of us having dinner and hubby not keen on having a heavy  dinner, my mom will usually keep our dinner with just 2 or 3 varieties. Gosh... it just hit me that it's the same number of dishes I cook for just hubby and myself. Well.. anyway, we have got this healthy looking chinese leek in our fridge and mom suggested we can mix the pork belly with the leek and made a simple stirfry. In this way, we got both meat and vege in one simple dish. I usually like to cut the leek real slim and small. Mom apparently had a totally different idea of cutting the leek. Let me tell you the dish was outstanding. Leek was crunchy, pork belly was well seasoned and the entire dish has a hint of sweetness, thanks to the carrot.

Ingredients :
1 piece of tofu
6 stalks of chinese leek
1 carrot
200g pork belly
5 cloves garlic, chopped
some chicken powder
1 tsp shaoxing wine
pinch of salt

Marinates :
1 tbsp shaoxing wine
soy sauce
pinch of salt

Method :
1.  Marinatae the pork belly and set aside. Heat up oil and fry the tofu. Set aside to cool before slicing it thinly

2.  With remaining oil in work, fry the chopped garlic for a while before adding in the pork belly. When meat turns color, add in the leek. Saute for 5 minutes before adding in the carrots. Add in the chicken powder, salt and shaoxing wine.

3. Add in the sliced tofu and mix with the rest of the ingredients in the wok before cover it and simmer for a further 1 - 2 minutes. Dish out and serve.


Ring Bali said...

The plate just like waht I have at home +_+

Rachel n Chong said...

Hi Ring Bali, really??haha... it's a place I inherited from my mom :)