Thursday, June 16, 2011

Steamed Silky Eggs

Lately, the weather is back to the usual sweltering heat. Mom was saying it'll be a nice change to have congee to go with some simple dishes for dinner. With mom around for the past 2 weeks, she has fed me and hubby with lots of super yummy food but the best of all is, there's food on the table when we got home from work :) Since it's congee, I told mom I'll make the Steamed Silky Eggs. It's fast and it's as simple as ABC. I've never tried this recipe before but it has been there in one of my recipe book for a long time. It turned out perfectly soft and silky as promised by the title. The trick is the heat and of course, the proportion of water added to the eggs. A swift way to know exactly how much water you should add (if you have more than 3 egss or the size of your eggs varies ) is to measure the portion of the beaten eggs. How much eggs it is, how much water you should add in. I should've scoop a portion of the egg to show how silky and smooth the eggs are. By the time I remembered, the eggs were almost gone from the tray.

Ingredients :
300ml water
3 eggs

Seasoning :
1/2 tsp salt
dash of pepper
dash of chicken stock granules/ powder
1 thsp chopped spring onion
1 thsp gried garlic oil
1 tsp light soya sauce

Method :
  1. Combine water, eggs, seasoning, and mix well. Strain into a steaming tray
  2. Steam at low heat 10 minutes or until set. Remove.
  3. Sprinkle choped spring onion, fried garlic oil, light soya sauce on egg and serve.
My cooking tips : Lightly beat the eggs to avoid too much air from getting in. This is to ensure the surface is smooth and nice. Do not steam the eggs with high heat, otherwise the texture will be course and not smooth.


Amelia lim :D said...

wow ah mai, it looks fantastic! why didnt you make this when we were in malaysia? it would go with the paos! hmmmm... maybe not. what does the congee taste like??? or is it plain... what does porpor usually cook for the 'simple dishes'?

- the fat and chubby and naughty one, aMElia

P.S we have almost finished the Sticky sweet!
P.P.S it was jie jie who ate most of it :D not me!!! and isabelle's father say jiejie put on weight. and then jie jie was like : OMG! i did put on weight! then mummy was like: dont act like your ah mai lah!
so funny right!!! :D tell porpor and gong gong i miss them!!

Rachel n Chong said...

You would give this a miss and eat the food in shopping centre! Plain porridge la.

P.S was that a hint for me to replenish more sticky sweet?
P.P.S See, the pot calling the kettle black. Now your jie jie knows how I feel. I've got a gang now :)