Saturday, June 18, 2011

Wet fun at Sunway Lagoon

I'm a Malaysian and I've been staying in KL for the past 14 years. I'm embarass to admit that I've never been to Sunway Lagoon which is one famous tourist attraction in KL. I did however had a brief tour (about 30 mins) of the lagoon itself while I was waiting for my STPM results (many many moons ago).  Finally, the opportunity for me to make a trip there surfaced a week ago, thanks to my bro and his family who was here for holidays (and to visit me).

Spanning over some 80 acres, the theme park emphasis is largely water-based with wild adventurous rides and amusement park. Few days before my trip there, I found out the theme park actually were separated to 5 parks : Water Park, Amusement Park, Extreme Park, Wildlife Park and Scream Park. Huh.. to think that I was still living in the days where they used to have only Wet or Dry Park. Anyway, I personally think the admission ticket was exorbitant but then again, being a Malaysian, I had a advantage because I was charged at a cheaper price. Basically, you have 2 packages to choose from :

Package 1: 3 Theme Parks:
  1. Wet Park
  2. Amusement Park
  3. Wildlife Park
  • Ticket price (non Malaysian) Adult  @ RM80 (Malaysian @ RM 65)
  • Ticket price (non Malaysian) Kid @ RM65 (Malaysian @ RM45)

Package 2 : 5 Theme Parks
  1. Wet Park --> needless to say.
  2. Amusement Park --> where all the rides are
  3. Wildlife Park --> animals and there's a rabbit place where you can feed them.
  4. Extreme Park --> go kart
  5. Scream Park -->ghostlings, ghastly looking faces, gory scenes
  • Ticket price (non Malaysia) Adult @ RM100 (Malaysian @ RM75)
  • Ticket price (non Malaysian) Kid @ RM80 (Malaysian @ RM60)

My warning :
If you have a faint heart, do not, I repeat, do not try  Congo Challenger . It may look innocent but it's actually quite steep. As for the rest of the rides, if you take one look at them, you'll know instantly whether it will pump your adrenaline or not. Outside food & drinks are not allowed. Once you're in the theme park, there is no re-entry UNLESS you are a guest staying in Sunway Hotel.

My verdict :
It's a fun place to spend the entire  day here with kids as the place promised lots of fun. Surprisingly the food sold there are not only edible but subtly nice to my tastebud.  Yes, the admission tickets are sort of costly but I guess this would be the nearest and most economical place to give your kids a treat.

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