Sunday, April 21, 2013

Loaf and buns

Cranberry and Raisin Loaf
I brought my bread machine to office a couple of weeks back and since then, have been having a bread making marathon. The above is a basic white bread recipe using the bread machine but I've added generous amount of raisins and cranberries in it. With bread machine, you can hardly fail but I'm just wondering how to achieve the light and less dense bread like Gardenia bread loaf. Homemade bread is always heavy and dense which is not to my liking.
The bread is good to eat on its own but since I have the jam in fridge supplied by cousin Soo, I just slathered the jam on it and ate it as my lunch.

The above picture is a simple bun recipe in which I've added cocoa powder and raisins to make the plain rolls taste slightly ......not-so-plain. I was supposed to use the cocoa walnut raisin recipe but had erroneously pulled out the tuna bun recipe. It was too late by the time I realized my mistake because I've already poured the flour and other ingredients into the bread machine pan. For the recipe of cocoa walnut raisin buns, please click here.


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