Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Old Cucumber peanut soup with carrots

I'm really not a typical Chinese who normally opt for soup with rice. On the contrary, I don't drink soup at all, at least not until I married into the Chong family. The soup made by my mom during those days in Batu Pahat  had an unusual smell which totally puts me off. I started to accept the taste of Chinese soup (minus the porky smell) with some training at my in law's place. Of late, I'm so into soup that I actually forked out another sum of money to invest in a pressure cooker. I promise, this shall be the last kitchen appliance I get in year 2013 (and hopefully 2014 too).
This amazing Noxxa pressure cooker from Amway comes with other function : low pressure, slow cook, stir fry and keep warm. It is ideal for someone like me who is always on the go and juggling with time. With just 40 mins or more, soup will be ready for dinner. And mind you, it's part of our one meal diet plan : soup cum meat cum vegetables.

I've been utilizing this machine intensively and aggressively since I bought it. Hubby is wondering how long this weekly soup routine is gonna last but I'm gonna prove him wrong.

Here are some of the variety of soup I've cooked thus far :
1) old cucumber + peanut + carrots + meat + scallop + red dates (as shown in picture above)
2) bitter gourd + tomatoes + red dates + meat + cuttlefish + corn
3) bitter gourd + tomatoes + salted vege + red dates + chicken
4) bitter gourd + anchovies + ginger + tomatoes + red dates + meat
5) lotus root + peanut + carrot + meat + corn
6) ABC soup
7) red bean soup

I'm contemplating to cook a curry chicken and pineapple rice soon. Yes, using this machine :D  Probably sooner than I think.
2 thumbs up for this Noxxa pressure cooker. I simply love it!

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