Monday, July 5, 2010

Twilight Book 3 : Eclipse

I'm getting really excited and rubbing my hands in anticipation of the forthcoming Twilight's 3rd installation , Eclipse, which will premier in Malaysia theaters on 8th July. I know the teens are supposed to get over excited about this upcoming movie purely because of hearthrob Rob Pattisson and the solid body of Taylor Lautner. As for me, I didn't start noticing Twilight range of books until I watched the movie itself which was the 1st big mistake I've comitted. No sooner had I finished the movie, I hurriedly browsed through Amazon and to my horror, I realized Stephanie Meyer wrote another 3 sequels after her first book. That spells doom to me because once I start on a book and if the book has got sequels, I must by hook or crook, finish the entirely series and only then will I obtain peace. Ever since I've read Flowers in the Attic by V.C Andrews during my secondary school days, I've made a vow to never, never, ever touch another book which has sequels (by the way, this book has 5 sequels).
Anyway, as soon as I was done with the Twilight movie, I bought the remaning 3 Twilight Saga books and I didn't rest until I've finished the whole saga. Phew.. what a relief for me because if you had actually seen the books, you will know how horribly thick they are. I must say I am not exactly a great fan of Stephanie Meyer's style of writing. In fact, I was actually struggling with New Moon. Storyline was boring and had no gist and style of writing was draggy and whiny and slow. But I picked up pace with Eclipse and finally Breaking Dawn was the biggest break. I shall not be a spoiler here but I'm sure most of you know that Bella will be a vampire eventually. The question is when and how. In Eclipse, more sparks will fly off between Bella and Edward but the mongrel Jacob proves to be a thorn in Edward's flesh. The plot thickens when both of them need to form an alliance against ..... Ok, I shall not squeal anymore on the story but you can be sure that I've already made plans on when to watch it. For Twilight fans, enjoy the movie. For non Twilight fans, well... just ignore us.

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