Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Choy kan soup with wolfberry and red dates

I have recently burnt a huge hole in my pocket by purchasing this 6 tier stainless steel steamer pot. Actually, I have been on the hunt for a cheap steamer pot but as usual, when the final transaction came through, I found myself taking home the most expensive pot of all. Needless to say, hubby was flabbergasted with this expenditure but at least, money was spent on kitchen utensils solely for health benefits and not on my cosmetics or apparels. The day I took home the pot, I started steaming my dinner that nite which consisted of a soup, rice, fish and vege. Did 4 dish (if you include rice) with just one pot and one stove. Amazingly easy and superbly clean. The lowest pot was used for boiling Choy Kan soup. Now.. don't ask me what choy kan is named in English. I personally have not seen this 'thing' before but it is actually a kind of dried vege. Anyway, soup was cooked with 4 strands of the choy kan, some wolfberries, some red dates and garnish with chinese parsley and spring onion. Soup will definitely taste more flavorful if I have boiled it with some chicken meat or chicken bones to it. I have attached picture of my pot but it's only 3 tier here. I can't wait for my mom to see and use it.


Jiun said...

Hi Rachel, enjoy the new pot, explore more then share the recipe ya, I have so far only steam egg, sausages, rice....Jiun

Rachel n Chong said...

Jiun, thanks for your recommendation. I've steamed a fish and vege too. Going to steam eggs soon. Yep, will try out more recipes soon.