Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Crunchy 4 Season Beans with Dried Shrimp

On the way back from Genting the other day, we deliberately drove towards Bukit Tinggi route to have dinner. This place happen to be pretty much of a kampung place and there were several stalls selling pure honey and fresh vegetables. I went over there to check out the fruits but I bought honey instead. It was a good thing that my eyes roved over and saw this vege which in Mandarin, we call it Shi Ji Tou. I have not the slightest notion what it is called in English but direct translation would be Four Seasons Beans (genuis, eh?). Mom fried it for me before but I just ate and never bother much. Thanks to my sis in law who taught me the simplest way to fry it with dried shrimps and cilipadi. It tasted yummy. The freshness of the vege contributed a part . ... I guess....

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