Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Rice Wine Ginger Chicken

I had originally wanted to cook chinese sesame chicken, a recipe I saw from TV together with my mom late last year. Again, I had to call my mom in Sydney to refresh my memory on this recipe. It was supposed my 1st attempt afterall. With full confidence, I bought half a free range chicken and bentong ginger early one morning before I went to office. The following day, I rushed home from office and eagerly started the fire on the stove. Mom said I had to pour a lot of Shao Xing wine. Of course I heeded. Wouldn't dream going against her advice lest the dish may fail. As it turned out, the dish tasted more of a rice wine chicken instead of sesame chicken because I emptied half a bottle of the wine in it. I guess I should have anticipated this. The wine soup tasted great nonetheless. It's just that hubby had a spoonful of it, look at me blankly in the face and asked "I thought you wanna cook a sesame chicken?"
I'm more than willing to share the simple recipe here :
Ingredients :
1/2 free range chicken (kampung chicken), chop chunks and marinated with sesame oil and soy sauce
1 big chunk of ginger, slice thinly
1 - 2 tbsp sugar
4 tbsp sesame oil
1/2 bottle of Shao Xing wine (chinese rice wine) - adjust to your taste
Method :
1. Heat oil, fry ginger till fragrant
2. Add in chicken, stirfry till cook
3. Add in Shao Xing wine, cover and let it simmer
4. Add in sugar and salt. Continue to simmer over slow fire for next 15 to 20 min. Serve.


Soo Hui said...

Looks good. Where's the recipe?!

Rachel n Chong said...

As easy as ABC. I'll post it when in SG on Fri.

tabuhbali.com said...


Rachel n Chong said...

Recipe posted. Adjust the wine and sugar to your own preference. Enjoy !