Thursday, October 7, 2010

Fried Carrot Cake (Chai Tao Kueh) - Batu Pahat style

I miss Batu Pahat's fried Carrot Cake aka Chai Tao Kueh (CTK). Sure you can get it in KL but the way they fried it here is black in color and I can tell you a hundred times how much I hated the distinct taste of just thick soy sauce. I reckon if I were gonna eat this BP style CTK, I'll have 3 options to choose from : (1) drive 3 hours back to BP to eat it, (2) wait for mom to visit me in Year 2011 (God knows which month) and request her to fry it for me or (3) buy the carrot cake and fry it myself (but still I need to get the carrot cake from Singapore). Seems like the best options among the worst would be the last option.
During my recent trip back to Singapore, my sis in law got me these 2 gigantic bomb look-alike carrot cake. I threw in lots of chopped garlic, lots of chaipo, lots of chili and lastly mediocre portion of spring onion. My fire was big but somehow, I couldn't quite bring out the wok taste. Nonetheless it was definitely way better than those I've eaten in KL. Hubby commented it was a tad too salty (chaipo being the culprit) and that mom fried it better than me. He took a look at my face and quickly rephrased that mine was good but it's just that my mom is too skillfull at this dish. I choose to believe him.

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