Friday, October 22, 2010

Homemade Soya Bean Drink

Till today, I'm still enamored with my i-chef cook set. In case you're wondering which one, I'm referring to my i-chef bean paste maker. As I said earlier, hubby was appalled with the money I spent on this piece of drink maker but he commented that as long as I use it often, it will justify. He was betting his last dollar that I would cease using it in a month's time. Well, he of course,  lost the bet. The first and foremost reason why I bought this in the first place is because I want to make my own soya drink. I want to be able to control the amount of sugar I add in, the cleanliness in preparing it and also the type of soya bean to use. I've been making soya bean drink for countless time since day 1. To make this simple drink, I use the following :
  • organic soya bean (you don't use much and it doesn't cost much)
  • 4 small pandan leaves
  • a little rice (optional)
  • a little molasses or oligo fructose (liquid)
I used to just make it as a beverage for me to bring to office. In the recent days, I've begun to add in glutinuous rice balls since I'm a huge fan of this sweet dessert. Hubby on the other hand shun the 'balls'. He prefers the drink itself. Looks like I'm never gonna get  bored drinking this homemade soya bean simply because it just taste heavenly.


Alicia Lim said...

hello ahmai! my mummy also recently bought a soya bean milk machine. the soya bean milk tastes really good! how much did your machine cost?

Rachel n Chong said...

Hi Alicia, tell ur mom how much I bot it. And pls make banana smoothies for me when I'm there :)