Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hong Kong Sweet Bun - 3rd attempt

Yes, folks. It's another Hong Kong Sweet Bun. I failed in my 1st attempt while 2nd attempt was successful but I was feeling it could be better because I had let the dough over proofed. So on Monday, I scurried off as soon as the time in my pc showed 5.30pm. By the time I took the dough out from the machine and rolled into oval shape, I had a strong intuition that this time, finally, I will get the bread correct and the way it ought to be. My major concern was how long was it gonna take for the dough to proof a second round before I can bake it in the oven. Apparently, my concern and worry was justified.  It took more than 5 hours to proof.  From the time I started out this bread making, with simple arithmatic I'm sure you can add up and derive at the time I finally finished baking it. came close to 2.30am in the morning when the bread was finally baked, out from oven and I needed another 10 mins of cooling on the rack before putting the loafs in the container. Oh.. ok.. and taking pictures of them too. So when my head finally hit the pillow, it was way past 3.00am. 

With the triumph of this 3rd attempt, I guess the 4th attempt will be a long long time from now. Fatigue has consumed me totally and I was actually walking like a zombie in office the following day and my brain definitely worked slower.  It may be a long time before I bake this again BUT... I was already planning what other interesting recipe I could venture next.  If you need the recipe, please visit my previous post and click on the link.

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