Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Mom's well loved Fried Mee Siam

Seriously, if not for our mini christmas gathering for office colleagues, I really would have to think thrice about frying my mom's famous mee siam. I wouldn't say it's extremely tedious work but I seemed to have spent a considerable amount of time preparing this dish. I even blended, sliced, cut, washed and did everything I could prepare , one day earlier. The last time I fried the mee siam was like 9 months ago or so. Naturally, I've forgotten how to get it done and so naturally, I again had to place a long distance call to my mom in Sydney. The recipe cost me RM 7 because that was what the call cost me. I'm pretty happy with the results this time compare to last because the vermicilli wasn't too soggy and wet. The taste of the pounded shrimp was just right. I'm glad cousin Soo enjoyed eating it though the portion for her wasn't huge enough to fill up 2 stomachs. I myself didn't had enough of it so perhaps it'll be very soon before I fry it again.

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