Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Sauteed Garlic Asparagus with Erngii Mushroom

The recent spate of  frenzied baking is slowly taking its toll on me. Apart from baking, I gotta attend to the daily chores and not to mention the work in my office which never seems to lessen. I really gotta take things slow after today and by that, it means no more baking after today. Well... not until next week at least. With chinese new year just round the corner, I don't have many weekends left to start baking my cookies.

I left office on the dot today and obviously that means I already had something in mind. 1st I set off my bread machine to do another round of bread making later on. Thereafter, I cut some assorted fruits to go with my dinner, something which we usually have before our main dinner (be it a chinese homecook dinner or a simple salad). So what's gonna be my main dinner then? Feeling slightly out of time, I took out the remaining asparagus and eryngii mushroom. Placing these 2 together, an idea slowly formed in my brain. I came up with the idea to saute the garlic with the blanched asparagus, then it aside. Next, with a little olive oil in the work, stir fry the slice mushrooms with some garlic, a little chicken powder with a little oyster sauce. I just added a little water to it and after a while,  added in the garlic sauteed asparagus. With just a few stirring and flipping, I turned off the fire. Just before eating it, I sprinkled some chilli flakes to give an additional hot flush taste. So that's that for dinner. A couple of hours later, someone crept stealthily to the kitchen to steal my hidden bottle of Pringles chips. Apparently, his stomach was already growling with hunger :-)

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