Saturday, February 5, 2011

Egg Tart

I've had this egg tart mould for like donkey years but never got around to use it. Finally the opportunity to use the mould came when I was baking the pineapple tarts on that Friday night before CNY. I ran out of the pineapple jam  but the dough was still plentiful in the container. Not wanting to waste the dough as I had used Australian imported butter, I decided to try using this leftover dough as a pastry for egg tart, a suggestion from cousin Soo. Honestly, it was not the perfect dough to make the tart pastry because it tend to break. As such, it was quite a challenge to handle the dough on the mould without breaking it. Surprisingly, the egg custard was rather easy to make. It needed light whisking and right after that, strained and poured into the moulds. I'll find a day to make a proper egg tart using the correct and proper recipe and by then, I promise to post the recipe here.

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