Monday, August 2, 2010

Fresh herbs. Anyone??

Look, what a spread of assorted fresh herbs I have here. They were just given to me just hours ago and my brain was already spinning and working busily to figure what dish I could cook with them. Let's see... I've got Dill and I'll probably panfry it lightly over fire with a nice fish fillet, just like the way I reckon Jamie Oliver will do it. I intend to roast a chicken again with Thyme and Rosemarry. As for the corriander, I could use it to steam another fish, probably tomorrow. Hubby still has got his huge fish head in the freezer and probably he could use the Kaffir Lime Leaf to cook an Assam Fish Head. So, I'm left with Peppermint, Marjoram and Oregano. Does anyone has any suggestions how I should use them? Or maybe provide some ideas how I should used the other herbs which I have planned earlier on? C'mon... I need ideas. Anyone??


Soo Hui said...

Bake a lemon sole fillet and some herbed bread to go with it.

Rachel n Chong said...

Soo, bake the sole using Dill is it? Oh yea.. herb bread. Good idea. Thanks