Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Kung Po Chicken (Kung Pou Kai Ting)

We recently organized a few workshops for our clients and there were a lot of leftover chicken fillet. And so, I was the priviledged one to be given the fillet coz my colleague knows I cook every now and then. At such a short notice, I had to rake my mind quickly on what I could cook with the chicken fillet. It was at the spur of moment that my colleague blurted out Kung Po Chicken dish to me and I immediately said 'aha....'. I defrosted the fillet in office, left office on the dot and found hubby sitting comfortably in the living room with eyes glued to the laptop and his index finger busily pushing down the middle button on the mouse. I announced that I'm gonna cook this dish for dinner tonight and while I was busy cutting the fillet into cubes, hubby emerged behind me and said he will take over this dish. Okaaay.... so the boss wanna cook. Great. It's a good thing I have some dried chili in my fridge. In fact, I had almost all the needed ingredients in my fridge and larder but the capsicum had kinda shrivelled and shrunk . Well.. so.. this dish was done by hubby and I gave him 2 thumbs up. I hate to say this but it tasted really good, no joke.
If recipe is needed, I'll post it.


SooHui said...

Wah...Uncle Chong lok-sau, sure mou tak teng.

Rachel n Chong

Yes, it was deliciously. Spicy and salty enuf to my taste.