Saturday, August 7, 2010

Stirfry Brocolli in Abalone sauce

The first and foremoset reason why I like cooking brocolli over other leafy green vegetables is not because of its compound that fights against cancer. Rather it is because I don't need to waste too much time washing and rinsing it; there's just not much sand to rinse off anyway. Frying vegetable is the simplest tasks of all. All I need to do is heat the fire, throw in the garlic and fry till fragant, add in the brocolli. After a while, I add in the carrot. Of course exactly when to add in the carrot depends on how thick you have cut your carrot. Then comes the abalone sauce and oyster sauce. I have Lee Kum Kee Abalone sauce in the fridge where you can actually see strands of abalone in the bottle.After dishing it out, garnish with some golden garlic crisps. That's one simple dish the other night and we ate it without rice. Yea.. we did away with the carbohydrate.

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