Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Steamed White Snapper in Ginger Paste

I suppose the first thing you notice is how badly this picture was taken. Yes, you are right. It was taken by me, via my handphone and that's the best shot my mobile can produce. We bought this fresh fish from Kuala Selangor (yes, we practically drove all the way there to get the fish and then drove back to KL) on a Saturday and hubby took over the cooking of this fish on Sunday. He wanted to steam the fish with lots and lots of pounded ginger. The dish would have been a lot simpler if only I have a blender to blend the ginger into a fine paste. In view of this, I tried to persuade the chef to select another way of steaming the fish but apparently the chef is a very obstinate man and refused to budge. And so there I slouched, with sweat streaming down my face while my hands pounded furiously on the ginger. The fish was done pretty well and of course, the credit goes to the chef while me the assistant, received not even a mere nod of acknowledgement. I did the exaggerated garnishing but hey, isn't corriander a powerful herb which has many health benefits and medicinal properties?

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