Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Pan Fried Garoupa with Dill and Lemon

In order to get rid of the dill which is fast withering in my fridge, I opt to do a pan fried fish. It would be a better option to do it a fillet style, using either halibut or rainbow trout. However the only fish I have in my fridge is slice garoupa and pomfret. A waste to pan fry my garoupa but well, I gotta do with what I have. If given a choice, I will always opt for pan fry than steam. So if I pan fry, I will usually season the fish and fry it straight away. Of course another option for western style of frying would be to coat it with breadcrumbs or flour. So if you wanna add on your calories, be my guest and coat it with flour. Hubby wasn't too eager with this style as he is a typical china man who prefers the fish to be steamed or do it the asian way with curry or assam or tomyam. Anyway, here's the recipe I used :
Ingredients :
Fish fillet (of course I used garoupa here)
Blackpepper coarse ground
Ground Chili powder (I forgot to add in)
Garlic powder
Fresh dill

Method :
1. Season fish with salt , garlic powder and pepper. Pat dry
2. Heat oil, turn to low fire and pan fry fish till slight brown or for 3 - 4 mins. Then flip side.
3. Squeeze in a little lemon juice on top, sprinkle some dill and chili pepper.
4. After 3 - 4 mins, flip side again and repeat step 3.

Turn off fire and garnish fish with remaining fresh dill and squeeze a little lemon juice. You may want to steam some veggies to go together with the fish. That's what I did here.

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