Thursday, December 9, 2010

Avillion Resort, Port Dickson

I am not a person who will splurge a large sum of money on luxurious hotels or should I say hotel rooms that cost a fortune. But then again, how much is considered exorbitant? Hubby has been telling me about water chalet in Avillion Port Dickson even before I married him. Apparently, he had been there many years ago on a company trip (huh.. company trip indeed !). There is a choice of water chalet or garden chalet to choose from but of course the ultimate reason for people to stay here is because of the water chalet which faces the sea offers a fantastic view of the Straits of Malacca. The rooms were designed with a combination of both old charm and modern comfort. I love the private little balcony where there are 2 rubber wood reclining beach chairs where you can just sit on with a nice book in your hand, facing the sea, with the wind billowing at your face while the sea water is lapping underneath you. The bathroom is spacious and has an open air standing shower and a bathtub. There is of course a double bed for couple but additionally, they provide what you called a day bed. It's actually a bed which I think is meant for couple lazing around. I just love the architecture and finishes of the room.


The kids are not only drawn to the pool but also to a little animal feeding ground where you'll find rabbits hopping around, some 'tamed' cocks perching on low branches, several guinea pigs scurrying around as well as some colouful peacocks. Not having a kid on tow, I joined in the feeding of the animals with the kids :)

All in all, it's a wonderful experience to have stayed here for a night , to enjoy the amenities that the hotel can offer and I'm sure it's a novel experience to stay in water chalet for most people.

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