Sunday, December 12, 2010

Fried Wonton Noodles with Mince Pork (gan chau zhu rou mien)

The other day when I made the sui kow, I had plenty of mince meat leftover and also 2 bunches of wontoon noodles. Since I reckon I would be getting home from work earlier, I decided to fry my longtime favorite 'Fried mince pork noodles". This has been one dish I've mastered when I was in my Form 6. I guess I've got the inspiration to cook it from my mom and perhaps she had kinda guided me on what seasoning to use and what ingredients to go with this simple frying dish. Normally I would use Maggi instant noodles as the noodles but this time, not wanting to waste the frozen wontoon noodles in my freezer, I've substituted it with the maggie noodles. The effect was very satisfactory because the noodle was very slippery and hubby prefers thin noodles rather the fat & thick ones.

Here's how I fry it :

Ingredients :
Chili paste (already fried with lemongrass and pounded shallots)
Small onions - slice a handful
Mince pork
Mustard vegetables (I hope I got the name correct)
Tomatoes (optional)
Soy Sauce and pinch of salt
Black soy sauce
Wonton Noodles

Method :
1. Heat up oil and fry the onions. Once slightly brown, add in the chili paste.
2. Add in the mince meat and fry till cooked.
3. Add in the stems of the vegetables, saute a while before adding in the rest of the vegetables.
4. Dish in the noodles and add in all all the seasonings.  Done !

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