Friday, December 17, 2010

Stir fry pea sprout with wolfberry

The weather is rather cold lately (by my standard) with the evening raining pouring down almost everyday. We are still slightly under the weather and have been eating porridge for dinner of late. Today is yet another simple vegetable as a dish to go with our plain porridge. As I am writing now, I could hear hubby chopping something loudly on my chopping board. He's preparing another dish to go with our porridge and I have no idea what he's making. I just hope he cleans up my kitchen after he finishes whatever he has started out. Well.. we'll see.'s vege is a simple stir fry pea sprout. It's of a different species where the stem is fatter, longer and juicier than the otherwise thin and scrawny stems.To make it slightly more tasty, I've added in a generous amount of strip ginger and an even more generous amount of wolfberries (kei chi). I was tempted to add in a little enhancer but since it's meant to be a healthy meal, I decided against it. It's great eating it with porridge and I can't wait to see what hubby is cooking.

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