Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sui Kow with Wonton Noodles

I still have not fully recover from the 1st onset of my illness more than 2 weeks ago. As such, my tastebud has changed from the usual fried and spicy related food to something soupy and bland. I took a day off yesterday had initially planned to cook nasi lemak. Since both hubby and I are still under the weather, I decided to make Sui Kow (dumplings). The broth I cooked with lots of anchovies and it's 100% free from those instant cube enhancers. The recipe was derived from rasa malaysia but then again, I didn't follow it exactly.

Sui Kow filling:
Mince pork
Carrot - cube
Fungus mushroom - slice thinly
Waterchestnut - cube

Seasoning for filling :
Oyster sauce
Sesame oil
Soy sauce

I made the broth or the soup with just boiling lots of anchovies in hot water and keep it simmering in low heat for 2 hours.

Of course an inevitable ingredient here is the sui kow skin (dumpling skin).  Since this was gonna be our dinner, I bought wonton noodles from the morning market. Hubby had the soup wonton noodles with the dumplings while I whipped out a kon lou version (dry type) of wonton noodles.

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